Bloom. Where You are Planted.

June 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

About 4 weeks ago I dug a little hole in the grass in (what used to be) our goat pen and threw in some zucchini squash seeds.  Then I forgot about it.  Since the goats are climbing the mountains at the ranch now the very best luscious grass in our back yard is in the goat pen.  And it’s tall grass.  Guess the goats did a good job of fertilizing the pen.

On Saturday I fired up the weedeater and went to work.  First order of business was to clear a path to the chicken coop.  I don’t relish the idea of stepping on a snake.  I’d probably have a heart attack on the spot.  Next on the list was cleaning up the goat pen.  You know I wouldn’t have to weedeat if the goats were still here.  But they are in paradise.  It’s cool.  So I’m weedeating… grass is flying… sweat dripping… and… wait.  What’s this?  Holy Cow!  That’s one gigantic weed.  No.  Wait.  That’s not a weed.


Day 4. 30 Day Photography Challenge. Something Green.

That’s SQUASH!  It’s kind of a miracle.  I suppose that zucchini squash is a hardy type of vegetable.  It certainly didn’t get any TLC from me.

The whole squash~flourishing~by~itself thing is a metaphor in my eyes.  You know. “Bloom where you are planted.”…Mary Engelbreit.  I try to do that on a daily basis.  Bloom.  Where I’m planted.  Flourish in the present.

Just so you know.  I did what any self-respecting cowgirl gardener would do.  I weedeated around it and trimmed the grass growing in it, too.  I’m thinking about getting a hoe out and doing it right.  We’ll see.  Wouldn’t want to ‘squash’ its independence.

Big!  Mj


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§ 4 Responses to Bloom. Where You are Planted.

  • You are beyond blooming where you have been planted – you have blossomed and now share your inspirational beauty and independent growth with others.

  • Linda Fisher says:

    I love your thought process with this situation. Once upon a time a few years back, I planted squash in what used to be a dog pen and everyone said “oh, nothing will grow there”. Boy were they wrong! I was giving out squash to everyone in the neighborhood. God was showing me something then but I did not realize it at the time.

    Your photos are great! You have a real talent there!

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