Hi Baby!

June 7, 2011 § 5 Comments

It’s not hard to shoot a picture of baby girl from a high angle.  That is pretty much my angle on her most of the time.  It is a bit challenging to get a picture of her standing still.  She is really on the go.  As it should be.  I pray that she is who she is meant to be.  I pray that she is shaped by her experiences.  Not necessarily defined by them.

Day 5. 30 Day Photography Challenge. From a high angle.

I climbed up on top of my pickup to take this shot.  She didn’t like it one bit.  In fact, she was kind~of throwing a miniature fit.  That’s when she headed off away from me.  So this was the best I could do.  I like it though.  It’s just like her.

I am so thankful for this baby.  What a precious gift she is.

I may continue to take pictures of her from this angle… because I know I’m gonna blink my eyes and she’s gonna be a big girl.  Time is flying by.

Love Big, Mj




§ 5 Responses to Hi Baby!

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