I’m on my way…

July 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, let’s talk about inspiration.

I used to be totally addicted to magazines.  I can’t TELL you how many pages of magazines I’ve saved over the years… with the full intention of organizing them at some point. And if I actually saved a magazine, a whole~magazine, it would have been something like Where Women Create.  I’ve got pages of everything from interior design to diy projects  and everything in between.  Oh, and probably 30 lbs of recipe pages.  I’ve always sort~of prided myself on the quality and quantity of magazines I subscribed to… and of course they were all completely tax-deductible for the clinic.  And then… came… Pinterest.  It is like the CAPITAL CITY of INspiration Nation.  Holy.  Cow.

And then… I started feeling a little guilty about the amount of time I was spending pinning and repinning…

And then… it dawned on me.  I am getting serious inspiration from Pinterest.  Inspiration on so many levels.  Oh, my goodness gracious.  I am pINspired.  I feel a hope building up in me that no matter what I’ve been through… the best is yet to come.  There is so much to create.  So much art to share.

And then… the heavens opened…

Because I heard this:  The Creative Connection Event and BlogHer Handmade are giving away Two free passes PUH~lus Hotel.  TCC is probably the premier conference for creative, entrepreneurial spirits.  Oh, dear, sweet, maker~of~heaven and earth… please place my name on those passes.  (PS, you can enter, too, but you have to pinky~promise to take me(if you win) since you heard it from me.)  If there was ever an event on earth that was designed to inspire, this is it.

Listen, this could be one of those full~circle stories that makes me ponder the workings of the Universe.

And then… I read this: “She wasn’t where she had been. She wasn’t where she was going…but she was on her way…And on her way she no longer looked for the answers, but held close the two things she knew for sure. One, if a day carried strength in the morning, peace in the evening, and a little joy in between, it was a good one…and two, you can live completely without complete understanding.” ~ Jodi Hills (thanks, Robyn for sharing this!)

So, tell me… what inspires you?  and are you on your way?

Big, Mj


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