Scotty’s been PUSHed

August 11, 2011 § 5 Comments

In July my Aunt Robin and Uncle Steve came to visit me.  Well, actually, they came to see the American Idol Concert here in the big city.  Which means I got to see them, too.  They are two of my favorite people in the whole Wide world.

Before they left for the concert, I gave them two PUSH necklaces to give to the ‘stars’… you know, just in case they had the opportunity to meet some of the stars.

Aunt Robin and Uncle Steve have been to an American Idol concert before.  In fact, they are such big fans that they came here for a concert a few years back… when they lived in Hawaii.  That was a BIG trip.  For a concert.

So, apparently having previously attended an AI concert, they were on a special VIP mailing list.  They were offered tickets before the general public could buy their tickets.  They bought a package that included really good seats, an opportunity to meet ‘a’ star, and parking passes… they had NO idea just how awesome their package was until they got there.

Hello, VIP backstage passes.  Hello getting to meet and visit with ALL of the stars but one.  HeLLo, giving two of their favorites Redhouse Ranch PUSH necklaces!!!!

Aunt Robin and James Durbin

James put his PUSH cross on immediately.  Uncle Steve is taking this picture.  Can you tell Aunt Robin wants to help him put it on?!

Aunt Robin and Scotty McCreery

She said Scotty was very sweet.  He’s holding his PUSH necklace in this picture.  I’ve been watching Scotty since he first appeared on AI.  I wanted to get him a PUSH necklace to wear on the show but I couldn’t figure out how to get his address.  He wore the SAME cross necklace in every single appearance for AI.  It’s probably a gift from family or something… I really didn’t think he would take his other necklace off to wear the PUSH necklace… but at least he had one now.  Awesome.  OH, and you should know that they were texting me the entire time… Aunt Robin and Uncle Steve were freaking out.  Seriously.  Freaking Out.

And Then they were taken to their seats.  And then they were ReaLLy freaking out.  They had FRONT row CENTER stage seats.  Absolutely the best seats in the house.

My Aunt kept texting me saying… ‘I am so blessed’.  I’m pretty sure she was having a great time.  So here are some photos of some of the performers.

Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery


I saved the best for last.

Wait! What's that on your neck, Scotty? Is that a PUSH Rowel?

I’m pretty sure Aunt Robin almost passed out when she got a look at this!  What a blast they had.  And being able to give they performers a gift really made it personal for them.

I’m so thankful Aunt Robin and Uncle Steve had this experience.  Uncle Steve summed it up the next morning when he said, ‘I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen her this happy.’  Priceless.

So, here’s to Scotty.  You PUSHed through American Idol.  Won the whole thing.  And you made my Aunt’s day.  Big Time.


Big, Mj


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